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Changelog version 3.2.6

Release date: March 2021

Android application

  • Beta 2: Available on 22 March
  • Possibility of trusting SSL server certificates not recognised by Android
  • Overhaul of the login error system, with the option of displaying the error returned by the system
  • Improved login form (Skip to next field and validate form with keyboard)
  • Web links added to node pages
  • Basic display of service messages on 2 lines instead of one
  • Alphabetical sorting of nodes and groups in node group navigation
  • On widgets, services with a value of 0 have a faded background colour
  • Implementation of the dark theme for widgets
  • New Node Status widget


  • Synology cluster monitoring added
  • Watchguard cluster monitoring added
  • DLink switches added
  • Add DLink cameras
  • Add Axis cameras
  • Add HiKVision recorders

Plugins (adaptation correction)

  • New Qnap OIDs taken into account
  • Modification of congestion on check_snmp_interface
  • Add controller to HP SAN and HP 3 ssh checks
  • Ipsec modification for Fortinet
  • IDRAC: critical state output for disks not present in a raid
  • Fixed wmic execution


  • switch] Make the statistics table clearer.
  • Alerts in progress] Display the IP of the node.
  • Language] Be able to have a custom file for translation.
  • Map] Draggable icon menu
  • Add $1 in plugin simplification in all commons_names

Send email alerts

  • More verbose send_mail_html scripts.
  • Option for send_mail_html to set the SMTP HELO parameter.
  • The send mail and send sms scripts send graph information in the error message.

Bug fixes

  • Reset the add user form if a mandatory field is not filled in.
  • Services under maintenance or acknowledged are not taken into account in the node's general information.
  • Accessing a node page from an external link sent to the dashboard after the login page
  • Tablesorter sorting error when units are different (switch interface view)
  • Unable to assign rights to nodes whose node group name contains brackets
  • Bug in multi-column sorting of Esia alert pages
  • No footer on dashboard pages
  • PACKAGE] gesa-import-common dependency error
  • administration] User group move entire node group
  • administration] User group sort
  • administration] User group non-allocation of nodes
  • [server plugin] Add storage service
  • report] Storage report block. 1 single graph displayed despite the presence of several plugins
  • Plan] No horizontal scrolling if background image larger than window
  • Plan] Input text exceeds when dropping an icon
  • Plan] Folder rights management.
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