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Changelog version 3.3.0

Release date: September 2022

New from the heart

  • Upgrade to DEBIAN 10
  • IPV6 support
  • New pattern management
    • Duplication
    • mass deployment on nodes
    • Plugin simplification added
    • Alerts & services configuration split.
  • Graph management
    • New, even more powerful multithreaded engine
    • 6 times more data points stored on yearly data
    • Addition of minimum and maximum sampling in addition to the average
    • You can choose the graphs and the desired period in the “graph” tab of the nodes.
    • Zoom is disabled by default
  • Node group: option to add a description
  • Nodes: you can duplicate a node.
  • Creation of a 'default_read_access' group with no user having read-only access, and nodes are automatically added to it.
  • Uniformisation of 'node' type web plugins.


  • All platforms
    • IPLABEL: add your newtest platform to Esia
    • UPS: a visual for your UPS
    • Website: a visual for your websites and automatically adds HTTP(S), certificates and DNS tests
    • Rack management: manage your server and network rack space
  • Galaxy, Infinity, Mercury
    • Office365: AD synchros, exchange supervised your 365 service
    • Hypervisor: manage Proxmox, Vcenter and Xenserver simply and visually
  • Infinity, Mercury
    • Syslog/logs
  • Mercury
    • XFlows/flow management


  • Ability to share a dashboard via a public link
  • Possibility of making a dashboard full screen
  • New widgets
    • 1 status: view as abbreviation, circle, rectangle, square on point and diamond.
    • Backup: calendar view
    • Service gauge
    • Top 10 nodes generating errors
    • Service status: displays a given service as on the node's control page
  • 4 status widget:
    • circles, pointed squares and pie chart added to available views
    • services can be hidden as unknown, in maintenance or acknowledged
    • errors can be made to flash
  • Current alert“ widget: date and message added to columns
  • Uniform font management for the title and description of all widgets


  • Modification of the arrow management library
  • Objects can now be linked to a service
  • Images uploaded to the server are no longer visible to all users.
  • Objects can now be linked to a service
  • Elements are no longer blocked at the ends when adding to large images
  • Added the status or output of a service as a dynamic element
  • Rack' plan type added
  • New icons
    • Access point
    • Camera


  • Possibility of configuring the base period directly
  • Addition of a dividing line for the week in the calendar
  • Display of days of the week in dates.


  • Blocks are now grouped by theme
  • Canvas configuration has been separated from block configuration.
  • Incident and availability blocks have an additional column: downtime

Plugins & Hardware added

  • Temperature for APC PDUs
  • CISCO SG300 - SG350X
  • Aruba series 6000 AOS-CX
  • GLOBAL HEALTH plugin added for iDRAC plugin

Minor additions & improvements

  • core] Display selected period in history
  • core] Treeview: Keep the scrolled state in memory
  • core] Uniform calls to the control page
  • core] Main menu icons no longer displayed in random order
  • API] Ability to query genGraph in the API client
  • graph] Dispatch RRD graphs to different folders
  • import] better management of zyxel USG vs switch zyxel for pattern selection
  • import] better TP-LINK management for pattern selection

Bug fixes

  • [core] Miscellaneous spelling correction
  • [core] watchdog does not execute certain tests
  • [core] watchdog: false positive causing an Esia daemon restart.
  • [core] Manual execution with display on several lines
  • [core] Implementation of all daemon variables in manual service executions.
  • [core] Bugs in RemoteDevice functions corresponding to the systemMib
  • [core] The dnsutils package is missing
  • [core] The database password visible in the ECATP log in the event of an error.
  • [core] Remove references to the php-mcrypt library
  • core] White page and/or infinite loading when trying to access an unauthorised page.
  • graphic] Corrected the disappearance of graphs when changing the name of a node.
  • graphic] Avoid having node names that prevent graphs from working normally.
  • graph] CSV export of service graphs only works for period 1 day.
  • dashboard] Text “test” instead of service description.
  • dashboard] Unable to change the font of the “Communication message”.
  • [keystore] keystore key not configured by default
  • licence] “pasted” button display bug
  • plugin] Dahua plugin not present in galaxy/infinity
  • [plugin] Plugin for Dell switches not present in galaxy
  • [plugin] Pattern IMM for Lenovo not present in galaxy
  • [plugin] EMC datadomain not referenced in available default patterns
  • [plugin] GESA SNMP UPTIME configuration simplification
  • [plugin] Too much ”%“ in the parameters of some Fortinets plugins
  • [plugin] ICMP plugin missing from default_snmp_ilo pattern
  • [plugin] CHECK_SMTP does not offer port change in plugin simplification
  • [switch] 100mb/s interface displayed as 40Gb/s
  • [backup] Too many services added when adding simplified backups
  • [backup] Error loading JS in English
  • server] Tablesorter sorting error when units are different (server disk view)
  • server] Tablesorter sort error when units are different (server disk view)
  • report] The “service graph” block is empty during manual generation.
  • [import] a poseidon Hwg is seen as a switch
  • [import] a Qnap NAS is seen as a server and not a NAS
  • [import] when rescanning the SNMP value is not set.
  • import] The indicator for nodes already added does not work behind a unity.

In video

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