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SNMP activation on a WatchGuard firewall

This tutorial has been made available to the entire Esia community thanks to the contribution of our partner Premium Computer. Many thanks to them.

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Their website:

Via the WEB interface

Once you have logged in, you will be taken to the firewall dashboard as shown in the image below.

Click on “System” and then on “SNMP” to go to the SNMP configuration page. As shown below:

Click on “Padlock” at the top left to unlock the configuration page and then enter the information you need (community, SNMP version (if v3 authentication), etc.).

If you are using TRAP, you must also enter the addresses of authorised servers. Once this function has been validated, a NAT rule will be created:

In the DE field: enter the IP addresses of the monitoring server(s)

Save the configuration.

SNMP is now activated on your WatchGuard firewall.

Via the thick client interface

Once you have opened the Policy Manager, click on Setup and SNMP

Then configure the component with your information:

Once validated, modify the SNMP rule created by the firewall by specifying the addresses of the monitoring server(s)

Click on OK.

SNMP is now enabled

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